Modular Packaged Unit  

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The Modular Packaged Unit (MPU) is designed to be a factory packaged air conditioning and heating unit for 100% Outdoor Air (OA) applications. Units are sized to operate between 360 to 600 cfm/ton of cooling, depending on climate.

The modular packaged cooling unit is optimized to work in conjunction with highly efficient make-up air delivery methods, such as perimeter supply plenums. The unit can either have a down or end discharge, and can be used with both electric and gas heat. All refrigerant is environmentally friendly R-410A and condensers have a nominal SEER rating of 14 for greater efficiency.

One benefit of this unit is the multiple cooling stages. Multiple cooling stages increase the efficiency by not using 100% of the cooling capacity when this is not needed, thus allowing lower energy usage. An internal make-up air cooling thermostat automatically energizes the first stage when cooling of the make-up air is required. The same thermostat has a built in adjustable differential to energize the second stage of cooling when required.

The condensers are top mounted on the make-up air unit to minimize roof space requirements, and are situated for optimal airflow and serviceability.

   Features and Benefits    
  High Efficiency Nominal 14 SEER Rating Condensers
  Integral Cooling Staged Thermostat
  Multiple Stage cooling for lower energy usage
  Pre-Piped and Charged Refrigeration Circuits
  Optimized for 100% OA for kitchen use
  Cooling requires no additional roof footprint
  Coils and Condensers sized to comfort cool make-up air
  R-410A Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant
  Thermal Expansion Valves and Filter/Dryer Kits
  External Equalization Lines for Thermal Expansion Valves
  Hard Start Relay Kits on the Condensers
  Condenser Disconnect Switch
  Vacuum Tested and Leak Checked Lineset/Coils
  Condenser Transformer Prewired
  Thermostat Prewired and Interlocked with Heater
  Integral Weather/Hail Guards
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