With energy costs at an all-time premium, building owners continue to look for more efficient methods of cutting utility costs. One of the largest expenditures a building owner will face is the utility costs associated with heating, cooling and ventilating the facility over time. In the case of large open space facilities such as warehouses, manufacturing plants and distribution centers, these utility costs should be evaluated closely when determining the best suited method for heating and ventilating the space.


The Total Heat System is designed to produce the most efficient heating option for commercial and industrial use today. By continuously introducing variable amounts of fresh air over a 100% combustion efficient direct fired burner, along with turning over the unused heated air in the space with re-circulation, this system will:

  • Eliminate cold drafts, temperature stratification and stale air build up due to inadequate ventilation
  • Provide your warehouse, shop, garage, or production facility with year round comfort and energy savings.
  • Create a positive space pressure, which is essential to maintain consisten thermal comfort in all areas.
  • Comply to International Mechanical Code, ASHRAE Ventilation Standard 62.1 and the ACGIH Handbook with regard to ventilation requirements in large open spaces such as warehouses.

View this video for a more in depth look at the Total Heat System and its advantages:

Total Heat Video
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